Patio Fencing Ideas: Privacy Screening

Patio Fencing Ideas: Privacy Screening

When thinking about modern patio fencing ideas there is a wide range of great options available. That said, one of the best choices for patio enclosures is screen fence panels. Screen panels not only create a private place to relax; they also provide extra protection against the weather. Also, privacy screens come in a range of designs that can really add to the look of your patio space. So, here are the reasons why decorative outdoor privacy screens are one of the best patio fencing ideas around.

Benefits of Privacy Screening

  • The best reason for installing a patio enclosure is the privacy they offer. We use patios for a range of purposes, yet no one can relax or enjoy themselves if others can see into their garden. This is why privacy screens are perfect for keeping the outside world from intruding on your space.
  • Privacy screens not only add security to your patio but also have aesthetic appeal as well. There is a wide range of designs that can complement and even enhance the look of your property. Also, they can be used to hide any unsightly parts of your patio such as bins or tanks.
  • Screen fence panels help insulate your outdoor area while allowing for more airflow. They also protect against a range of weather conditions, from rain and wind in winter to heat and UV rays in summer.
  • Compared to full walls or fences, privacy screens offer a more cost-effective solution for your garden. Timber screens are much cheaper to make compared to other materials and do not require frequent maintenance and repairs.
  • Finally, screen fences made from timber and other natural materials are an eco-friendlier option when it comes to patio fencing ideas. No material will go to waste, and if you decide to remove it you can reuse the fencing for other purposes.

Venetian Panels

When it comes to fencing ideas, one of the best options for decorative outdoor privacy screens is Venetian panels. Our Venetian panels are built to allow light and air through the slats while providing protection against the elements. All panels have been made from high-quality softwoods and pressure treated to enhance their looks, as well as protect them against insects and fungus. These are the perfect panels for privacy screens and will add to the appeal of your patio area.

Clarke Fencing

Here at Clarke Fencing, we supply timber products to clients across East Anglia. We have been supplying timber products for almost 30 years and have built up a reputation for top quality materials and excellent customer service. From fencing and decking to garden furniture and structures, we have a wide range of premium options for you to choose from. To find out more about our range of garden screen panels, please visit our online store, speak with us via phone, or come and visit us at our depot in Stowmarket.