Repair vs Replacing Fence Panels

Repair vs Replacing Fence Panels

Fence Post Repair

Performing a fence repair will work out cheaper in the short term compared to a full replacement. For panel fencing you may only need to fix the damaged panels rather than the whole structure. Make sure to check each panel to see if any have become broken or bent out of shape. If so, you will need to replace each panel with one made from treated timber. Make sure the wood panels are pressure-treated for increased durability. Untreated wood might cost less but will not last as long.

You will need to remove and replace any damaged posts and nails, and make sure you slot any undamaged posts back in place. Check the condition of posts as well as the concrete holes they were set in. If you need to reset or replace the posts, remove the old concrete and mix a new concrete hole of about 24 cm wide and 60 cm deep. Then place the post inside and mix in with soil. Do not forget to first discuss any repairs with your neighbours if the fence lies on a shared boundary.

Replacing Fence Panels

If your fence has too much widespread damage, or the overall integrity has been compromised, then you will need to look at replacing fence panels. First, check the foundations you plan to attach the fence to, such as any brick structures or concrete posts. Remove any remnants of the old fence and mark out where you wish the new fence to connect. Once you have marked everything out drill holes to attach brackets to your foundations for attaching the wood panels. Insert vertical rails into the brackets then begin attaching your fence panels in place. Make sure all wood is properly treated so that it will last longer.

Using Clarke Fencing

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