Concrete Repair Spur 1.2m x 100mm

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Concrete Repair Spur Post

1.2m x 100mm x 75mm

Concrete Repair Spur Post

1.2m x 100mm x 75mm

Used to repair a damaged / rotton wooden post, most wooden posts only rot at ground level meaning the section of post where your fence is attached is still in good condition.

This is a simple to use labour saving option that saves having to replace your rotten wooden post,

For the best results if you can, use the repair spur against the rotton post.

Follow the following instructions when using:

1) Dig beside one side of the rotton wooden post, try to get down to 600mm in depth.

2) Place repair spur in the hole so its flush agaist the wooden post that should now be exposed after digging down.

3) Making sure everything is level, post set the spur into position and leave to set.

4) Now you can either bolt or coach screw the spur to the wooden post.

The most common way of fixing the spur to the wooden post is with a M10 150mm Coach screw, remember you will also need washers to stop the head of the coach screw disappearing through the hole in the spur.

See below for all options that may be of interest when using a concrete repair spur

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