If you are planning on building a fence around your property then it is important to consider what fence panel posts you will need. Fence posts perform two functions. First, they guide the direction of the fence panels around the area. Second, they also reinforce and support the fence itself.

Here at Clarke Fencing we stock a wide selection of garden fence posts to suit all your needs. From wooden posts to concrete posts, gate posts to paddock posts, we have everything you need for fencing at the most affordable prices.

  • 100mm x 100mm Wooden Posts
    100mm x 100mm Wooden Posts view
  • Concrete Posts
    Concrete Posts view
  • Machine Round Stakes, Poles & Half Round Rails
    Machine Round Stakes, Poles & Half Round Rails view
  • Paddock Posts
    Paddock Posts view
  • Planed & Ribbed Posts
    Planed & Ribbed Posts view
  • 75mm x 75mm Wooden Posts
    75mm x 75mm Wooden Posts view
  • Gate Posts
    Gate Posts view
  • Cundy Peeled Posts
    Cundy Peeled Posts view
  • Decking Posts
    Decking Posts view
  • 125mm x 125mm Wooden Posts
    125mm x 125mm Wooden Posts view
  • DuraPosts
    DuraPosts view

Our Fence Panel Posts

Here are some of the garden fence posts we currently have available:

  • Wooden Posts – We make all our wooden posts from Redwood timber sourced from Thetford forest. We then kiln dry and pressure treat our fence posts for long life. Comes in standard 125 x 125 mm, 100 x 100 mm or 75 x 75 mm sizes or morticed for use with Arris rails.
  • Concrete Posts – Made from dry cast for natural textures or wet cast for a smoother appearance. Steel reinforced for extra strength and long life. Comes in standard and heavy-duty slotted form, recessed, chainlink and crank top for high chainlink fences.
  • Machine Round Stakes – Each wooden stake is made from redwood timber and has been kiln dried and pressure treated. Each stake has been machine rounded to create a point at one end and a chamfered top at the other, making them easy to erect. Jump poles and half-round stakes are also available.
  • Paddock Posts – Commonly used for fields or large gardens that contain livestock or pets. Each wooden post is kiln dried and pressure treated and comes with either back weathered top or two way pointed bottom with flat top.
  • Decorative Posts – Each wooden post has a 4 way rounded top and comes with either planed smooth finish or a ribbed finish for easy slotting.
  • Cundy Peeled Posts – Each stake has had the bark removed to give it a rustic appearance. Can also come in creosoted form. Best used for stock feeding and cattle fencing.
  • Durapost Gate/Corner Posts – Made from galvanised steel, these posts are lighter than concrete but just as strong. Available in four colour finishes.

In addition, we also offer specialised timber gate posts and decorative decking posts.

Choosing Clarke Fencing For Fence Panel Posts

Since 1984 we have been supplying and installing a range of fencing and timber products to clients throughout the region. From fence posts to fence panels, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our products and services. Whether we are installing garden fence posts for a domestic client or constructing projects for commercial premises and local authorities, we perform all jobs to the highest standard. To find out more about our range of fence panel posts and other products visit us online or speak with our friendly team via phone. For the best quality services on timber and fencing products contact Clarke Fencing today.